The Science of Spirit
By O.Frank

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Over 100 graphics and pictures

"Quantum" science has led to new experimental evidence that a Universal Consciousness exists!

"Classical" science is based on physical reality and physical scientific laws do not allow for the
existence of Spirit or God. Consequently there has been a
division between science and religion or spirituality. As we learn about quantum reality those divisions are disappearing! O.Frank has taken scientific theory and illustrated it in simple, easy to understand, pictures and language. If you have struggled to understand the big picture and found books on the subject difficult, this book is for you!

When his father, a Christian minister, challenged him to seek the "truth," O. Frank scarcely imagined where that journey would lead him. In his deftly woven autobiography, The Science of Spirit, O. Frank invites the reader to join his odyssey in search of cosmic truth. Skillfully threading his discoveries through the milestones of his life, the author describes his traditional religious upbringing and his science-inspired atheism. His story culminates with the exciting conclusion that science and God are not mutually exclusive — that science, in fact, provides unequivocal Proof of Spirit.
...Kitty R. Connell, author, Lorcan’s Bane,
co-author, Second Messenger