It is the wisdom of the turtle that righteousness* is the number one cause of human misery and hate. Therefore this ezine works from the premise of the new paradigm which says: there is no absolute right or wrong, only guiding principles based on love and caring that work for all concerned.
If you want to hold on to your old way of believing and not grow in wisdom; then this ezine may not be for you. My purpuse here is not to convert anyone, but to help those that wish to grow.
*Righteousness – the paradigm that there is an absolute set of morals or right and wrong rules that in most cases come from “God/Allah/etc”, and are set down in a book like the Bible, the Koran the Bhagavad, etc.


 Turtle wisdoms purpose is to explore the new paradigm that we have begun. In the new paradigm science and religion will change dramatically, growing together. The scientific understanding of spirit is here now, and closely matches Eastern philosophy. A number of Eastern, and earth religions are now growing at 4 to 6 % a year, and will be dominant by 2020 at the very latest.
I have no interest in converting anyone to the new thinking and understanding. It will come with or without me. So if you believe strongly that some religious text is the spoken word of God or if you believe that science is about the mechanical aspects of nature then Turtle Wisdom may not be for you; it will needlessly upset you.  It is only for those who are willing to explore radical new thinking and ideals.
Turtle Wisdom is an outgrowth of Turtle Digest, which started in January of 1999 and stopped in December of 2003. In that year I had decided to redo Turtle Digest, but it turned out to be too much. I was preoccupied with a family upset, and reluctantly decided to stop Turtle Digest for a year. I have missed Turtle Digest but when I finally sat down to redo it I decided to change its name to Turtle Wisdom.
The name Turtle comes from the name given to me by the Navajos when I lived on the Navajo Reservation from age 10-12, I was called Ch'ééhdigháhí meaning Turtle. The Navajos did a good job at capturing my nature, my essence. I am a slow moving, patient, and wisdom seeking person, their belief of the essence of the turtle. My Dad used to call me his philosophical son because of this innate nature.
In 1994 I went through a Paradigm shift from being a scientific atheist to a new scientific understating of the nature of reality, a reality that will slowly bring the whole world together. In 1999 I wrote a book, “The Science of Spirit,” which chronicles this shift in thinking, and gave me a true insight into the science/religion debate. I have lived both sides of the coin.

Ever since man began growing crops, which created a stable community and hierarchies there has been the belief that God has a set of laws that humans were to follow. Then when writing was invented these rules were written down and called scripture or holy law. As culture became more sophisticated the number of different scriptures grew, as did the conflicts with whose scripture was the one true scripture from God. Millions of people have been killed and persecuted over the years just because there was a stand off between who’s scripture was the one true scripture, and contained the one true set of laws we should follow.
On September 11, 2001 airlines were used to attack the U.S., with the attackers sighting scripture. They truly believed that they were told by scripture to make their attack. After all we were evil people who did not practice the “one true religion”, we did not follow Gods laws. Then on March 19, 2003 the U.S. attacked Iraq, an unrelated target to the airline attack of 9/11. In trying to justify the attack on Iraq Bush said that he “had a mandate from God and the scriptures to rid the world of terrorists.” And as of this writing 101,000 people have died, far more than the death rate to the unrelated 9/11 attack. Of course Bin Laden also has a mandate from God and the scriptures “to rid the world of infidels and create an Islamic world dedicated to the one true God.” How can any rational person who operates from the principle of love and caring justify this carnage? How can any rational person believe that this is what God wanted? Keep in mind that there never was and still isn’t any link between the airline attackers and our attack on Iraq. Also keep in mind that the world trade center was a meeting ground of people from every country, including Islamic countries. Think about that for a moment.
When is the madness going to stop? It can easily be shown, in the new testament, that the narrative story of Jesus is pure myth, a work of fiction, and that at least half of the words quoted as Jesus words are also so “just made up” – fiction. Have you not heard of a red-letter edition of the Bible, where only the quotes in red have been shown to be truly Jesus words? The other words did not come from Jesus. It can also be shown that many of the words that did come from Jesus (spoken in Aramaic) were first translated and written down incorrectly in Greek, and each subsequent translation moved further from Jesus actual words.
For example, the word "amartano" is the root word translated into English as "sin", but the root meaning comes from archery and means to have missed the mark. So sin is not something we have done but something we haven't done. Likewise the word "metanoia" is translated into English as "repent", but a more literal translation is "a transformation of mind." - in other words a breakthrough in ones thinking. Again, not something we should do but something that will happen to us.
So when Jesus says, "Sinners repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," he is not telling us to stop our "bad-doing ways" because the Day of Judgment is coming, he is saying you who have missed your target, or have an error in your thinking. Transform your mind (change your thinking) and you will see that happiness is not in the world around us but, "at hand", or with-in us.
So isn’t it time for us to grow up and stop this "them and us" nonsense. We are all one, and when you hurt your brother or sister you are hurting yourself.

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