O.Frank Turner M.S.

My full name is Overton Frank Turner, I was born to a Christian Minister in 1943. He began training me in science and philosophy when I was about five. At eighteen he gave me a birthday letter that challenged me to make "seeking wisdom" my lifes mission, which I took very seriously. After the U.S.Navy, I went to Phillips Univ and got a B.A. in General Psychology and then went to Fort Hays State Univ. and got a M.S. in Clinical Psychology with special interest in research and perception.

After College I worked for a time in electronics and then in the mental health field. I was a "scientific atheist" (There was no other choice in light of the Newtonion science, which was the basic assumtion of the science I took in college) until the early nineties when I experienced a personal paradigm shift. This shift took place after reading a number of lay books on quantum physics. It became clear to me that the basic assumptions of western science and philosophy were wrong. Where I still reject the dogma of traditional religion, I strongly believe that we are spiritual beings. We are Consciousness itself. I believe that nothing exists except consciousness, and consciousness exists as a singularity. The truth is that we cannot understand the one true reality, Consciousness, because we are trapped in the four dimensional illusion. There are no spacial dimensions as we perceive them to be, our four dimensional thinking is all we have.