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Story's by O.Frank

The Zapped Bugs Revenge

There is no theme that is more universal among philosophers than the ideal of philosophical balance. I have said many times in Turtle Digest that a great number of our problems today can be linked to a lack of balance in out lives. But the ideal of philosophical balance goes much farther. The universe seems to have an uncanny way of balancing all of the actions that we take. You know the old truism "If you live by the sword you will die by the sword."

In the June 19th Science News I came across a most incredible example of philosophical balance. It seems that James E. Urban and his group, at Kansas State University, have been studying these electric bug zapers that electrocute bugs that fly into them. You know they hang on people’s back porches and consist of a light, which attracts the bug, and an electrified screen or grid that surrounds the light. When the bug flies to the light he hits the grid and is gruesomely electrocuted with a loud zap and pop. Well these researchers have found that when the bugs are getting zapped they actually explode and send a spray or shower of bacteria, viruses and other microbes shooting out up to 6 feet away.
You may zap me but I’ll zap you back.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank