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Story's by O.Frank

purposefully after all.

How did I get to this point?

Here I sit, wondering what happened. How did I get to this point? What has happened to that wonderful understandable mechanical world that would someday reveal the underlining truth about our human reality. In its complexities it was really quite simple. The world was made of little spaces called atoms which themselves were made of tiny spaces called subatomic particles. Some of these specks whirled around other specks like little cogs that ran the machinery of reality and made up our bodies. But this mechanical simplity is no longer possible. You see if I am true to my fathers’ word, which challenged me at a young age to seek the truth, then I can't ignore the evidence before me.

Let’s see, just what were the first seeds that started me down this path. I think it must have been that undergraduate class on perception were I first saw that there is no, one to one, relation between what we see and what we think we see. My eyes don't see the same red ball as your eyes; our brains just make it up. But that's harmless enough, as long as we all agree, that when we see the same set of information we all agree that it's a red ball, Right! or is that Right?

Then there was the Harvest Moon Illusion, you know, where the moon is larger on the horizon than at its zenith. What was so crushing here was not the fact that it turned out to be an illusion, but the fact that I had believed so fervently. There was no doubt, that when the moon was bigger on the horizon it looked bigger because I was looking thought a thicker part of the atmosphere, like the lens of a magnifying glass. But if you photograph the Moon at both points it turns out to be larger at the zenith. This is because it’s slightly closer. But all in all this is really no big deal because someday we will understand the brain better, finding a logical answer. It's just a matter of neurons firing. Right! or is that Right?

Then there was John Gribbin's little book "In Search Of Schrodinger's Cat." My introduction to Quantum Mechanics. What a misnomer, there’s nothing mechanical about it. It's pure magic. With cat's being half dead and half alive, rainbows that change when we just look at them, or electrons that jump from one place to another without any movement in-between. It's too much already! Thank God for Einstein. If Einstein didn't believe it then why should I? If Einstein believed that Quantum Physics was incomplete then who am I to argue? Right! or is that Right?

To prove that Quantum Physics was all wet Einstein made up a little thought experiment. According to Quantum math he said if two light particles, from the same source, are a hundred million miles apart and you change the polarity of one, then the polarity of the other one would change instantly. Impossible, everyone knows that light has a speed limit, it would take at least 20 minutes for one light particle to get to the other one. Right! or is that Right?

What's this? John Bell has come up with a way to test Einstein's proof in a real experiment, and they have done the experiment 6 times, each time better! What's this, Einstein lost. Light particles really talk to each other instantaneously a hundred million miles apart. So what they are saying is, magic really does exist. This changes everything. Maybe we need to give metaphysics a second look. Maybe my father was right; humans are a spiritual for a reason. May be we were created purposefully after all.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank