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Story's by O.Frank

Paradigm and Michael Schacker

The paradigm shiftIt is quite clear to those that look at and study trends that the world has begun a fundamental and dramatic shift in beliefs. This is call a paradigm shift.

A paradigm is a set of beliefs a person has that "set the tone" for everything that person believes and what new information the person will accept. Society also has a paradigm, according to historian Michael Schacker, who has spent the last 20 years studying Paradigms.

So what is this change, how will it affect you, and what is driving this shift in our paradigm?

Michael Schacker is a historian who has been studying for 20 years in libraries all around the world. He has found a new way to look at history. He has found distinct shifts about every 550 years. These shifts are paradigm shifts. He says that right now we are at the end of the mechanists paradigm and that we have started a shift to what he calls an organic paradigm (some are calling it a quantum paradigm).

The organic paradigm is trust in nature, organically grown crops, an emphasis on natural healing, a de-emphasis on surgery, and a move to live with nature as opposed to controlling nature. The antecedent for the organic paradigm began in the 1920s, with the conservation movements and the 1960s was the first thrust, according to Schacker. The actual shift has begun, it started in 1995,and will peek or flip to the new paradigm between 2010 & 2015 (when the old mechanists die out). He calls groups like Green Peace, Cell Tech, and the Vegetarian Society "tractor points" because they are actively trying to pull us into the new paradigm.

Everything today is based on the mechanists paradigm or what some call Newtonian Science. This is the ideal of cause and effect. Nothing happens unless something causes it to happen i.e. the billiard ball will not move unless some force acts on it like a cue stick. Medicine looks at our bodies as nothing but a chemical/physical machine. But evidence has been growing that the universe is not mechanical like a machine but quantum or organic like life.

Where the body has mechanical aspects it is steeped in mystery. Read Deepak Chopra's Quantum Healing. Take the problem of neuropeptides. Aneuropeptide is a chemical in the brain that tells neurons what to do, and then the neurons tell the muscles what to do. But how does the non-materiel thought get translated into just the right neuropeptide which knows just were to go to start the seemingly mechanical process that tells you to smile or raise your arm?

Biology is running into the same problem that Physics has run into with quantum mechanics. Take the problem of people with multiple personality disorder. It is well documented that different personalities in the same person have different physiology. For example one personality will be near sighted but when the person goes to a different personality the eyesight returns to normal. There is one case where one personality is a diabetic and within minutes of going to a different personality the blood sugar returns to normal, and all signs of diabetes vanish.

The Universe, including our bodies, is made from energy (E=mc2). Energy flows like liquid, meaning that biology (life) may also flow more like liquid than our perception experiences, or can measure. A group of prominent physicists are now exploring the possibility that some parts of our brain may operate like a quantum computer. If true, telepathy would be predicted by quantum math.

Plato showed 500 years ago that matter was an illusion. This is because at any size you find matter it can always be divided again. But logic dictates that there must be an end point, You can't keep dividing forever so, by logic, in the end matter must turn into energy.

This means that science is limited in what it can learn. So the trend is to go back to nature, and learn from it. How arrogant of us to believe that we could make a better baby formula than nature, who honed it over millions of years of evolution. The naive belief that science will someday answer all questions is melting into a new level of consciousness and an appreciation of nature, a new paradigm.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank