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Story's by O.Frank

In my Father's house are many rooms: John 14:2.7

Scientists may have stumbled across a way to detect extra dimensions besides the four we now see in everyday reality. The four are height, width, length, and time. They have postulated a strange phenomenon that if proven true, will shake up science. The postulated phenomenon is microscopic black holes that appear in own upper atmosphere. If it can be confirmed that these black holes are real it will be definitive proof that there are more dimensions than we can see.

We normally think of a black hole as a collapsed star that has become extremely dense, and it’s gravity so strong that it sucks everything into it, including light. This is why it is called a black hole. For us to see some-thing, light must come from it, but since light cannot escape from collapsed stars, they would look like a black hole; that is of course, if you could get close enough to see one. But these new postulated black holes are formed when cosmic rays coming from outer space, hit atoms in our upper atmosphere. This collision between the atom and cosmic ray can create a microscopic black hole. Because these black holes are so small they will evaporate in less then a second in a shower of sub-atomic particles. If this shower can be detected, scientists will know that these black holes are real. Test units are already being set up in the desert of Argentina. If the shower is detected then the black holes are real and that means extra dimensions have to be real also. So finally there is a way to prove that extra dimensions exist.

This all comes from a leading "theory of everything" called string theory. Scientists see four different forces or types of energy in nature. Unfortunately, scientific evidence does not confirm this. It is believed that at one time these four forces were one. Then the four different forces split from one. String theory will bring the four forces together into just one again. This theory is called string theory because it says that everything is ultimately made of little strings of energy. But to make it work requires the existence of eleven dimensions. Our four dimensions here in reality and seven dimensions existing inside of atoms, in microscopic balls. But new evidence says that some of the balls may be as big as a mustard seed. If this were true, then the gravity within these dimensions would be extremely strong. So strong that when cosmic rays hit one of these dimensions the collision would cause a black hole to form.

This is an incredible thought. If all atoms contain seven dimensions then these dimensions are in every atom with-in our body. That would mean that there are seven dimensions with-in us, and when Jesus said that God’s kingdom was with-in us, and that it had many rooms (dimensions?) he was not talking figuratively but literally. Because we cannot conceptualize or understand these dimensions, they may not really be microscopic, that is just the only way we can perceive them or think about them; just as we cannot perceive or conceptualize time as a true dimension. Jesus never said how many rooms there were but if string theory is right, we will know how may rooms there are, i.e. seven.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank