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Story's by O.Frank

Non-Local Mind

It is apparently quiet common for surgery patients to come out of an operation having experienced an "out of body" experience. These patients quite often say things like they rose above their bodies and saw the whole operation. They can even give great details of what took place and what was said. Most surgeons, however, just consider it a dream and say that the details come from what the subconscious mind could hear being talked about.

One physician, Larry Dossey M.D. tells of an especially startling case where a lady went into cardiac arrest during an operation and had to be fibrillated with the ‘electrical pads on the chest’ like you see in all the ER shows. After waking up she was able to give minute details of, not only what went on during the cardiac arrest and fibrillation, but also she was able to repeat detailed conversion. On top of that she knew the color of the sheets covering the operation table; the hairstyle of the head scrub nurse; the names of the surgeons in the doctors lounge down the corridor, who were waiting for her case to be concluded; and even the trivial fact that her anesthesiologist was wearing unmatched socks. Why is it so amazing, you may ask, that she knew the color of the sheets covering the operation table or that the anesthesiologist wore unmatched socks? Well you see, she had been blind since birth. When she questioned her surgeon about the experience he patronizingly dismissed her account and walked away.

What is going on here? How can we patronizingly dismiss this case? Something very important has happened here. We cannot just dismiss it out of hand because it doesn’t fit in our reality box. Did you know that five-months after the Wright Brothers’ flew their airplane at Kitty Hawk, the prestigious Scientific American had an article stating that flight was impossible? Are we doing the same thing as Scientific American?

I have to agree with Dr. Larry Dossey that this is very credible evidence that our mind is "non-local". Non-local is a physics term that means something, energy or matter, resides in two places at the same time. This is hard for us to accept because most things in everyday life seem to stay in their place. Or do they? Maybe we don’t see non-local things because we are not looking. Maybe we need to change our reality box.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank