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Story's by O.Frank

The Other Side

I keep running into spiritual people that say, " I can't wait to go to the other side ". But looking at " the other side " from a scientific perspective it may not be what everyone assumes or has heard from their spiritual leaders. To see why I say this we need to take a quick look at the scientific evidence that opens the door for the possibility of an afterlife. To date the clearest picture I have seen comes from a book by physicist Amit Goswami called Self-Aware Universe. The In this book he goes into some detail using quantum theory and experiments from Bell's theorem to show that the classical physics assumption, that a high percentage of scientists still work under, is wrong. This assumption is most often called the local assumption. The local assumption states that everything is bound by space time and that my mind is separate from your mind, in other words, the universe is a giant machine.

Since experiments with Bell's theorem even the most argumentative scientists cannot argue, for long, that the underlying reality is local. Therefore the underlying reality is non-local which means that matter is made from non-local stuff. Goswami calls this non-local stuff, that the universe is made from, consciousness. To say that the non-local underlying reality is made of consciousness is based on a large body of knowledge that shows that the unified field has characteristics of being conscious. So the picture that this paints is one of God being the conscious unified field which makes up space time and from which everything is made, therefore we are made out of god stuff.

So what does this picture imply? First of all it allows us to speculate on why we were created in the first place. Try to imagine for a minute that you were this conscious field that existed everywhere (God). I realize that this is not fully possible since the true consciousness field probably exists in billions of dimensions, which is something we can not conceptualize with our three-dimensional brain. But just for fun, try to imagine yourself as the conscious field. Now ask yourself the question "what can I do now?" The answer; nothing except maybe think! You have no arms, legs, or eyes, so this must be boring. But you have a need to do something i.e. be creative. So the first speculation is that we were created to give the consciousness field experiences, something to do. In other words our body is the arms, legs, and eyes of God. What we experience God experiences so our first purpose is to enjoy life, because by enjoying life we give God enjoyment.

But then what happens when this physical body stops working? Here again we are only speculating but the speculation must fit with what we have evidence for. Thus the first thing it would imply would be that we (we being our conscious awareness) would return to this conscious field. Return is a poor word here because it would be more like a seed disintegrating from around the new plant. As part of the conscious field we would lose our individuality because our individuality comes from a synergistic relationship with the matter brain that operates in space-time. So, where the other side may be a perfect place, in some respects a perfect place may be more boring.

This picture of course is just speculation and there is anecdotal evidence that we may retain our individuality. In late 1991 an artist, by the name of Glenda Green, claims that Jesus appeared to her and allowed her to paint his portrait. This took four months; within which time she was given a huge amount of information. Of course, I do not know what really happened, but I have spoken personally with Glenda Greene and she appears very honest. But we are just speculating anyhow. The reason that Glenda Greens experience is important is because, whoever the visitor was, gave her an incredible amount of accurate scientific information. One of the things that "Jesus" told her was that there is a particle, that science has not found yet, which is the smallest particle of matter. He called this particle an adamantine particle. The interesting thing here is that when we die, according to "Jesus" a residual of the adamantine particles of our body remains intact. The claim was that this residual maintained our individuality even with-in the folds of the consciousness field, God.

In another book called " The Evolutionary Angel " an emergency room physician, Michael Abrams, claims to have had conversations with the Angel of Death that took care of people who died in his emergency room. Abrams said that the Angel of Death called himself an evolutionary angel because at death people evolve to a new level. The angel also told Abrams that people on the other-side, which had been on this side before, were on a waiting list to come back to this side. More antidotal evidence that this perfect place may be boring.

So as you can see, even though this is speculation, it may be important for us to learn to enjoy this world. This is because, as the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And since we don't know for sure what is on the other side of the fence, it may be wise to work harder at enjoying this life here, and carry out our purpose of allowing God to look at himself in the mirror.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank