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Story's by O.Frank

New Alternative to the Big Bang

The Big Bang Cosmology is what is called the "standard model" of how the universe came into being. By standard model is meant the official or most wildly accepted. This model says that for some unknown reason an imbalance in the unified quantum field caused the universe to suddenly start expanding out of it. The Universe than expanded at a very rapid rate, and within one second from the time the universe appeared, it was a thousand times larger then the size of our Solar System of nine planets. Today after about fifteen billion years of expanding it is the size we see now, and our Solar System is the size a period would be in a book of words.

Many Scientists do not like the big bang because it seems far-fetched that the universe could appear out of seemingly nothing. But it is what fits all of the math and experimental facts. In order to find an alternative, it too, must fit all the math and experimental data. Well, now a candidate has been found that looks promising, but all the details have not been worked out yet. So it is anyone’s guess if it will live or die.

The new Cosmology model is called the "Branes" Cosmology. The name comes from the fact that in this model the universe exists in a steady state as a three-dimensional sheet or "membrane". Our membrane universe or brane is sitting alongside other brane universes of an unknown number, that are separated by a hidden dimension (actually there are a total of eleven dimensions in the whole model which comes from what is called string theory. But lets keep this simple and say that there is a hidden dimension that separates all the branes).

It is believed that theses Branes (however many there are) normally exist as a homogeneous nothingness. But for some unknown reason the brane that was sitting next to our brane/universe somehow collided or "smacked" our brane. This caused our brane to heat up. Once it started to heat up stars, planets, etc. started appearing, and from this point forward everything would happen just like it did in the big bang theory.
Our brains can not conceptualize anything that is more than three dimensions so it is not possible for humans to truly conceptualize this scenario. About the best we can do is to imagine that our universe is a sheet of plywood and it is sitting next to other sheets of plywood. A hidden or fifth dimension separates each sheet of plywood. Now imagine one sheet of plywood slapping up against one of the other sheets of plywood and making a big smacking sound. That smack would then make the sheet that was smacked heat up. The heat would then cause the molecular structure of the smacked plywood sheet to change.

The scientists that are working on this model say that once everything begins to form, they would start moving away from each other and make the universe appear to be expanding as the big bang theory indicated we are doing.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank