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Story's by O.Frank

Dark Energy

Ever since astronomer Edwin Hubble proved that the universe was expanding outward from its center, it has been assumed that the universe’s momentum or gravity would slow it down so that someday it would stop. The only question was, where would it stop? Was the universe expanding so fast that by the time it stopped everything would be so far apart and it would just sit there and degenerate? Or would it stop so that everything would be close enough together that gravity would start pulling everything back towards the center ending in a Big Crunch.

Now, evidence is growing that none of the above is true. The universe is not slowing down but speeding up! Three years ago light from objects at the edge of our visible universe where found to be speeding up, not slowing down. Since that discovery a number of other tests have confirmed that indeed this is true. Astronomers are calling this new force that is speeding up the universe "Dark Energy."

Interestingly Einstein predicted dark energy, he called it lambda, but because no evidence of it was ever found he called it his "greatest blunder."
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copyright 2005 O.Frank