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Story's by O.Frank

Dark Matter May be Running Backward in Time.

Physicist Lawrence Schulman of Clarkson University has been studying time and thinks that it may be possible that dark matter is running backward in time. Dark Matter is matter that astronomers know exist but can't see. It has always been believed that forward and reverse time could not exist together. This is because it would seem very complex, and take a lot of coordination, for say, an egg to unbreak. All of the pieces would have to follow the exact trajectories to reform into the egg. His math shows, however, that it is possible for forward and backward time to exist side by side.

Astronomers believe that there are three outcomes to the Big Bang creation of the universe. If the universe is expanding faster than gravity can catch it then the universe will expand forever. But if gravity has a perfect balance then the universe will get to a set size and then stop. This has the most evidence for it to date. Then the third type would be if gravity was so strong that when it reaches a maximum point it would reverse and start coming back together in what is call the big crunch.

Schulman has found that in the big crunch, once the universe reached it furthest point, the outside edges of the universe would start moving back towards the center. Matter in the center would still be moving away from the center. The matter that is moving back towards the center would have it's time reversed and everything would go backwards just like a motion picture running backwards. People would walk backwards and coffee would unstir.

Schulman said that this could be happening right now and the reverse matter could be as close as a few tens of light years. This matter would be so old that all the stars would be burnt out. At this point we cannot tell if we are ourselves are in reverse time because Schulmans math says that to people in a reverse time mode the contraction would look like an expansion, and everything would look normal to us.
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