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Story's by O.Frank

How did life start

In 1953 a number of experiments were done to test if life could have started in the gas mixer of the early earth. The researcher would take a large glass container containing the mixture of gases believed to be on the early earth. They would then arc electricity through the gases to simulate lighting strikes. Consistently, within hours, a number of basic life chemicals would start streaming down the inside of the glass container. As easily as these life chemicals were formed it didn’t take much imagination to see them mixing together and beginning the development of life up to us.

In recent year’s scientific knowledge about what gas mixtures were on the early earth has become more precise. When you repeat the 1953 experiment with the corrected gas mixture it does not work so well. It is much harder to get life chemicals to form and when they do they fall apart easily.

This is why the interest is growing so rapidly in life chemicals found in space. The growing evidence is that life was "planted" on earth. That the life chemicals needed to start life came here from space. Recent ongoing experiments are showing that the most likely way the life chemicals got to earth was by hitchhiking a ride on a meteorite. 1

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