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Story's by O.Frank

The Placental Puzzle

In the Premiere issue of Turtle Digest there was a report called Accidental Immune System. It told of how 400 million years ago a virus got into the vertebras of that time and spliced in a piece of DNA that caused vertebras from then on to have the complex immune system we have today.

Scientists have known for some time that up until 100 million years ago all vertebras laid eggs. Then overnight, in evolutionary time, vertebras switched to live birth. This is called the placental Puzzle. This is because it was the placenta that made it possible. Now some researchers have found evidence that again it was a virus, that just happened have all the DNA needed for a placenta, that got into the then vertebra and spliced in the placental DNA. It seems to me to defy logic to believe that all of this was a random accordance.

The evidence is clearly growing very strong that evolution was not a random event as many evolution biologists still believe. There is little doubt in my mind that evolution was guided and the universe was purposefully created.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank