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Story's by O.Frank

How to slow aging

Nothing is more pervasive and powerful in our every day experience than time. The very act of thinking a thought is one thought after another. To reach for an object or walk across a room requires this linear step by step mechanical movement. There is no way for us to experience it any other way. Time for us is a step by step process by which our whole existence seems to depend. Without time you could not go to the store, have a conversation with a friend, or go to work.

But, Since Albert Einstein’s famous paper on relativity, in 1905, we have had proof that this experience we called time is an illusion, and is in fact not one event after another. Where we don’t have the ability to understand what is really going on, it is possible to experience a "non time" reality. When people who are trained in deep meditation reach the deepest stage of meditation their experience is one of time not existing, and even they as an individual, no longer exist. However, after experiencing this reality they cannot explain it or even understand it themselves. Even though they cannot explain their experience they have a knowing that Einstein was right even without any math proof.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with relativity I would like to present a very brief explanation of why Einstein was forced into his conclusion.

Early science was based on the very fact that everything was made of matter. Just look around you, what seems to be the most indisputable fact? The fact that we are made of some hard thing called matter. But there is one slight problem with this belief in matter. Where does it end? How can something that has length width and height go on forever without ending?

It was once believed that the world was on the back of a giant turtle that swam in an infinite ocean of water. But if water is made of matter then it has length, width and height and must end. Then what holds or contains the ocean the turtle is in? A second turtle's back? There is no end to this problem.

To try and get around this problem early science invented a new kind of water for the Turtle Ocean called ether, which the world floated in. Sadly, after two hundred years of trying they could not find any proof, mathematical or other wise, that there really was such a thing called ether.

Then Einstein came up with what he believed was a brilliant solution. Throw out the ether and just say that all pieces of matter like people, planets, and stars were relative to each other and were held together by gravity, i.e. not floating in anything. He was then able to put together math that showed it would work. The only problem was, if his math was right then time was not real and just an illusion. "Oh well", the other scientists said "We can ignore this as just a quirk in the math. It is silly to believe that if two twin brothers were traveling at different speeds to each other they would age differently." This is call the twin paradox and goes like this:
If one of two twin brothers were to take a trip in a space ship, that traveled close to the speed of light, and took 50 years to get back to earth, the traveler would have only aged five years since he started the trip. But the twin that stayed on earth would be an old man, 50 years older.

Sounds outrageous, Right? So let me tell you about an experiment that was done in the ‘70s. Two scientists got four atomic clocks. They synchronized all four clocks and then left two on the ground and took the other two for an airplane ride. Believe it or not, when they got back from several trips around the earth the two clocks that were on the trip were both slower by the same amount compared to the two left on the ground, and by the amount predicted by the math.
So remember the next time you look at a star in the night sky and think "wow, it took billions of years for that light to reach my eye." Remember, from the light’s point of view it only took less than a second to make the trip and the billions of years to us was just an illusion.
For those readers who are interested, the math formula for finding out how much slower the clock will run as the speed increases is very simple. It just looks hard, but all that is needed is a calculator with a square root. Then just plug in the numbers.

A simple formula for the slowing clock:


If you use earth speeds the answer will be 0 or close to 0. But if you use speeds close to the speed of light there will be a great change. v stands for velocity or the speed you are traveling relative to some object like earth. c is the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second or 299,792 Kilometers per second. t' is the % that time will slow down. Be sure to keep number types together, i.e. if your speed is in mph the speed of light must also be in mph.
The formula is:

You can then take this answer times 60 minutes to find out how many minutes per hour the clock will slow down. For the example above .84 x 60 = 50.4 minutes. Thus for every hour on earth the traveler would only age 50.4 minutes. If you were traveling at 1000 mph you would age 59.99991 minutes slower for every hour on earth.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank