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Story's by O.Frank

Sugar found in Space

That’s not a misprint. Philip R. Jewell of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory says they have found Glycolaldehyde in a Gas and Dust cloud called Sagittarius B2. Glycolaldehyde is a simple eight-atom sugar molecule. Researchers say that Glycolaldehyde can combine with other molecules to form more-complex sugars, such as ribose, that serve as biological building blocks.

What is most significant about this is not the strange thought of a sugar cloud in space, which sounds like a bed time story, but the fact that this adds more fuel to the debate over life being "seeded" on earth. There are a number of scientists that believe some of the building blocks that started life on earth came from outer space already formed. One argument for the seeding of earth is the fact that all life on earth is the same. If it were truly a random event then more than one form of life would have likely started in the primordial soup.

Scientists find amino acids in meteors all the time, another building block of life. If more building blocks are found then it would make it more possible for life on earth to have come from outer space.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank