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Natural Diet for Pets

Most of us are aware that for optimal health the less processed and cooked foods we eat the better. But it never enters our head that all commercial dog food is cooked or processed. In nature their diet consists mostly of other small animals like mice. Don't be mislead though into thinking that this means that their diet consists of only meat.

Their diet is rich in all types of minerals and fiber. To begin with mice are covered with dirt and fur, and most mice are consumed whole. Then mice are mostly vegetarian and have vegetable enzymes in their stomach, and their bones are high in calcium. Then the meat is raw and enzmemactic. So can we duplicate this with the food we give them?

Yes, we have just started a new diet for our little dog, Brandy. It goes like this: We cook some grain like oatmeal or white rice (brown is hard for them to digest in the beginning). We then grate some carrots or yams, etc. and lightly steam them. This is then all mixed together and can be frozen in meal size bags. So depending on how much you make up you could only have to do this once a month.
Then at each meal you take a meal bag out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator and take the one that was put in the refrigerator the day before and warm it in some hot water. Once warm you mix it with about 25% by volume fresh turkey (or other ground lean) meat from the refrigerator, other vitamins and minerals such as a calcium balance powder made from things like nutritional Yeast and kelp powder. Then add flaxseed oil or fish oil etc.

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