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Slash Diabetes Risk by 58%

New research has just confirmed that a simple exercise program and simple diet changes can lower your risk of developing type II diabetes by 58%.

The study was done at the MedStar Research Institute in Washington, D.C. and followed 3,234 high risk people for three years (all were already having blood sugar problems). The group was divided into three groups. One group went to class and was taught a simple low fat diet change and simple exercise like taking a 30 min. walk every day. The second group was given the drug called Metformin that is used to treat type II diabetes and given an information sheet about diet and exercise. Then the third group was given a dummy pill and the same information sheet on diet and exercise.

Each year, 11 percent of the participants taking the dummy pills developed diabetes. In contrast, only 7.8 percent of the Metformin group and 4.8 percent of the trained group developed diabetes. In other words the group that went to class and was shown how to do the diet and exercise cut their risk of developing diabetes by 58 percent, and the group that took Metformin cut their risk by 31 percent.

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