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Why things are bad for us

Every time the newspaper comes out with a story about some new research that shows that something in our modern life is bad for us many people throw up there hands and say "What's next, there nothing that's good for us!" But what they don't see is that we unwittingly chose to move out of the environment that nurtured us, into an environment that we synthetically created. Irregardless of whether or not that was the right move, the fact remains that we were not made for this environment, and should not be surprised when most everything in the new environment has negative consequences.

Our hunter gatherer ancestors didn't consume the milk from any other animal except human mothers milk until they developed agriculture. Our genes have not changed much since then, and we should not be surprise that pasteurized cows milk is bad for us. Cows milk was made for baby cows. We really have no idea how much this computer, that I am writing this on, is costing us in terms of health. How many toxins from the manufacture of this computer were put into the environment. How many factory workers got sick so I could have this computer. I'm not suggesting that we give up our technology, but I am suggesting that we need to start understanding who we really are. That our true home is in a forest eating live berries off a bush, and not ground up berries that are cooked and mixed with chemical preservatives.

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