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Drinking wine

Most of us have heard about the studies that say drinking wine reduces our risk of cardiovascular problems. But not so fast!

A new study from Denmark calls that into question. It appears that people who drink wine in general have a more healthy diet and exercise more than people that don't.

Epidemiologist Anne Tjønneland of the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen and her colleagues analyzed the lifestyles of almost 50,000 men and women between the ages of 50 and 64. All participants were part of the new Diet, Cancer, and Health Study.

They found that in individuals regularly drinking at least 2.5 alcoholic drinks per month, wine drinkers tended to eat more cooked vegetables, more fish, and more fruit.

It was also found that wine drinkers tended to derive more of their dietary fat from olive oil, and tended to eschew butter and margarine on their bread. Also as a group wine drinkers were more likely to exercise, and were less likely to smoke.

The study can be found in the January " American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. "
Even though this study was done with Danes it points up the fact that you can't single out just one food and understand how diet affects health.

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