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The Mystery Under the Tree

By O.Frank

If you have been reading Turtle Digest for more than a year you may remember this opening paragraph, and how we found a path that abruptly ended without going anywhere. Well now we have discovered a new mystery that Brandy and I would like to share.

Brandy loves to explore new paths so every little path that branches off the main trail, she tries to take, and if the new path appears to keeps us going toward home I let her take it. Several weeks ago we were walking close to some townhomes just after sunrise when we came to a concrete drainage strip, a little over a foot wide. Brandy assumed that it was her own private little sidewalk and started to take it.

I was reluctant to take it because it went through a narrow place in a six-foot cedar fence, which then went around the townhomes. But once through the fence we found ourselves in a pleasant narrow grassy strip about 10 feet wide and very cut off from the rest of the world. So we proceeded down the strip with Brandy following her little sidewalk. We had gone about 30 yards when we came to a young tree that was about 15 inches in diameter. There up against the tree was a pair of athletic shoes and just on top of the shoes that was a pair of sweat pants and on top of that, there was what looked like a heavy sweatshirt with a hood. None of these clothes were folded but lying as if someone was in them and had vaporized and the clothes fell straight down to the ground.

My first though was "who would just leave all of these nice clothes laying under the tree?" But as I looked at it my writers mind kicked in and visions of the movie Star Wars popped into my head. I could see the scene where Darth Vader and Obe Canobe were dueling with their light sabers. Then Obe suddenly turned his light saber off and his clothes fell to the floor in a heap. These clothes looked just like some person was standing under the tree and suddenly vanished and their clothes fell to the ground where they stood.

I know that most you out there reading now have a smile on your face and are thinking "that Turner and his wild imagination." But you would be only half-right. Ten years ago I would have been very adamant that such a thing was totally impossible. But after learning quantum physics I am not so sure any more. So have pity on a confused writer and give me a benefit of a doubt. The odds are someone just left some clothes under a tree, BUT, we don’t know that for sure any more.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank