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The Mysterious Path

By O.Frank

Every morning for the past three and a half years I have taken my little dog Brandy for a walk, or to be more precise a meandering. After 1200 walks the old route, through the green belt, gets pretty boring and a need for new terrain to explore sets in. So lately Brandy and I have been riding with my wife Joyce as she goes to work. She will take us to a different location on her way to work and let us out to meander home.

Brandy loves to explore new paths so every little path that branches off the main trail, she tries to take, and if the new path appears to keep us going toward home I let her take it. Several weeks ago Joyce let us out on the other side of a small lake so we could walk around the lake to home. This small lake is quite beautiful with lots of trees and greenery. As we walked along a sidewalk that went around the lake Brandy found a path she wanted to try. It could not have gone that far out of our way because it headed towards the lake. So we took it.

The path looked as if it was heavily used because it was hard gray clay with not a smidgen of plant life, was worn a good inch into the ground, and the green vegetation on either side was three or four inches high. We had only been on the path for three or four minutes when suddenly, like a pencil line on a page ending, the path ended. "What? This is very strange," I said to myself. I walked around for several minutes in the thick green carpet that lined the path to see if I could find were it picked up again or if it continued beneath the vegetation but it did not. It just stopped dead. How in the world did this happen? Who would on a regular basis walk out into this field to just this spot and walk back again?

Then my imagination went wild. Maybe this is a pick up spot for some covert operation. Maybe in the dead of night a helicopter lets down a ladder and takes up someone or lets down some government spy or spies at this spot. But what would spies be doing in this quite suburb? That makes no sense!

Then maybe it's aliens, and this is their beam up spot. Maybe there are people living in the houses just off the lake who are really aliens that come out here, and get beamed up to their ship to party with their kind. Or maybe there is a time door at this spot, and someone with some kind of electronic device walks to this spot and punches in a code on the keypad and a door to another dimension opens. Maybe it doesn’t have to be electronic. Maybe this is just the spot where it opens on its own in the dead of night.

Then I stopped myself, "That's crazy" I said. "This is not spies, aliens, and dimension hoppers. I'm just being silly". But what could it be? I have thought a lot about this path over the last two weeks but I have yet to come up with a rational explanation for the mysterious path.

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copyright 2005 O.Frank