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Part 1of 2
The Real Santa for Older Children.

By O.Frank

The year is 2003. Satellite photos and infra red scans show no evidence of life at the North Pole. In Denver Colorado, at the Westminster Mall, a boy and girl stand in line with their father to see Santa Claus.
" There is no such thing as a real Santa Claus!"
"You’re just saying that to be mean. See, there he is."
"OK then, we’ll ask dad. He’ll tell you that’s just a man dressed up like Santa Claus; Hey Dad----Daaad ."
"Yes, Daniella, what do you want?’
"Tell Jeffery there is no such a thing as a real Santa Claus!"
"Well,---I’m afraid that I can’t do that."
"Well why not? Anyone can see that’s a fake beard on that man who is just pretending to be Santa."
" Your right, Daniella, he does have a fake beard but that does not prove that he is or isn’t a real Santa Claus."
"Come on dad, I’m almost nine, and you don’t have to pretend with me anymore."
"I’m not pretending, it is very complex, and it depends on whether or not that Santa has been to the one and only Santa School. If he has been to the real Santa School then he is channeling the real Santa."

"What are you talking about? Dad, what’s channeling? The only channeling I know is surfing thought the channels on the TV."
"Sit down on the bench over here and I’ll explain. You too Jeffery, come here and sit. A number of years ago, just after you were born, and when Jeffery was just a twinkle in our eye, we didn’t have any money to pay the doctor that helped you be born so I took a job playing Santa."
"Daddy, where was I when Daniella was born, why wasn’t I born too?"
"You were still in heaven and not born yet. Try not to interrupt my story OK."
"As I was saying, I was going to play Santa to make some extra money to help pay for Daniella’s birth, and I was told that I had to go to Santa School to became a real Santa. Like you Daniella, I did not believe that there was such a thing as a real Santa, but, I thought it would be fun so I said yes. When I got to the school I was surprised to find that the teacher looked a lot like the Mrs. Claus that you see in picture books. Then I was even more surprised by what she said."
"What was that Dad"?

"Hang in there, this is a long story. Anyhow, she said that she was going to teach us how to act like Santa so that we could become Santa. This seemed to me like a strange thing to say but I decided to play along and just see what happened. She said that some of the things that we have heard about Santa were true and some things were not true, so it was important for us to know what was true and what was not. Santa was born in 701 AD"
"What does AD mean Dad?"
"Well Daniella, it means after the time of Jesus some king started counting the year from his birth date and it had been 701 years. On with my story. The teacher then said that no one knows where Santa came from because he was found on the doorstep by an elderly couple who had been praying for a child. The couple thought that it was such a miracle that they decided to make a new word for his name so they combined their two names and came up with a new name, Santa."
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copyright 2005 O.Frank